Considering volunteering as a foster home? Here's a little info. to help you decide.


Q-What is a foster home?
A-An interim home where each dog is cared for, nurtured and evaluated prior to placement.

Q-How long do dogs stay in a foster home?
A-The amount of time varies according to the dog's needs. The average time is two to six weeks.

Q-I work full time.  Can I still foster?
A-Yes!  We just need to find a foster dog that will be OK during your work day.  It also helps if you're willing to crate your foster while you're gone, or limit where your foster has access to while you're not home.

Q-How does it work? Do I have a choice in which dogs I foster?
A-First, you'll fill out our personal information form to help us decide which dogs will be a good fit for your home. You tell us your wishes and limitations, much as you do when you apply to adopt. We select a foster for you based on the information you supply.

And finally, the most often asked question!
Q-Don't you get attached to your foster dogs?
A-Of course! But helping the dogs find a wonderful permanent home is the greatest reward of fostering. The photos and e-mails you'll receive from your foster's new family will make it all worthwhile. And there's always another dog in need that requires your special TLC.

We are in need of foster homes in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, northern Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania.  If you are located in these areas and would like to help out, please fill out the form below.  We will contact you as soon as your information is received!


BEFORE FILLING THIS OUT!  Fostering is NOT a way to do a trial adoption.  If you really want to adopt, please go to our on-line adoption application

Please understand there are no "right" or "wrong" answers - we will use this information to determine which dogs would do well as fosters in your home.  Thanks!








Please list the residents in your house: Spouse/Roommate Children  Other (describe)

List Children Ages

Your approximate age range  18-29    30-49   50-65   66-74   75+

Position (occupation)

Hours per week

Is anyone home during the day? Yes  No

List hours your foster will be alone 

How many days of the week? 

I live in an (describe - eg. apt., condo, home, mobile home)   

I own my home Yes  No

Is your yard securely fenced? Yes  No

Do you have a doggie door? Yes  No

List current pets: For Dogs, list breeds, sex, ages.

Are your pets spayed or neutered?  Yes  No

Do you have a cat or cats? Yes  No

Name of Vet and Clinic


Phone number 




Please briefly explain why you are interested in fostering

I ascertain that I have answered all of the above questions truthfully and that the above information is correct. I give my permission to contact my veterinarian as a reference.  I UNDERSTAND THAT A HOME CHECK WILL BE REQUIRED PRIOR TO BEING APPROVED AS A FOSTER HOME. I UNDERSTAND THAT FOSTERING IS NOT THE WAY TO ADOPT AND I CANNOT ADOPT THE DOGS I FOSTER.  I UNDERSTAND THAT IF I WANT TO ADOPT I MUST GO THROUGH THE ADOPTION APPROVAL PROCESS.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN FOSTERING A RESCUE SCHNAUZER!  If you have any problems submitting this application, please request an e-mail version from

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